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The core belief in Anjack is that we always have each others’ backs. Be it to our customers, our partners or our team members.With that, we allow our customers to make audacious moves forward when they need to change their environments, create new products or add a new publishing mechanism or distribution channel.

Anjack comes from the turkish “ancak“, meaning “merely”, “only”. This is what we at anjack.io strive for - only the thing you need, without any bloats. Keeping it simple, we allow for the future modifications to be made at a greater velocity and a better quality.

As engineers, we apply the proven practices of analyzing and testing approaches in sandboxed environments before applying them forward. This way we guarantee solid results.

The word anjack is used as a denizen in Bulgarian too. Here its meaning is slightly different: exactly. When constructing the solutions for you, we take caution of every detail to make it exactly the thing you need.

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Unless the software in a company gets developed by a single person, the process cannot be agile if there is no Continuous Integration implemented the least. Agile means having errors discovered as soon as possible and CI tremendously helps in that.

Agile automation training

Train your team to do proper agile automation

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Auditing Software Processes

Analysing the way your team builds the software and suggesting a set of improvements to boost their productivity. Tailored for your team's experience. Made to help them grow.

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Tooling analysis

Analysis and research of the best tooling to fit your technology, processes and team experience.

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