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Unless the software in a company gets developed by a single person, the process cannot be agile if there is no Continuous Integration implemented the least. Agile means having errors discovered as soon as possible and CI tremendously helps in that.

With years of expertise in building, analyzing and maintaining systems of different scale we offer:

  • Auditing the development processes in a company to make them leaner (involves analyzing the processes from an agile perspective, finding the right extend to which the development processes can be automated, selecting the optimal technologies to achieve best automation based on both the techlogies you use and your intended pathway forward)
  • Training your development team in building the automation story
  • Building the automation for you if you do not have the capacity for that

Agile automation training

Train your team to do proper agile automation

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Auditing Software Processes

Analysing the way your team builds the software and suggesting a set of improvements to boost their productivity. Tailored for your team's experience. Made to help them grow.

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Tooling analysis

Analysis and research of the best tooling to fit your technology, processes and team experience.

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Implementing automation

We can aid or even develop the software automation for you.

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Automatic environment configuration

You have your environment configured for your builds. Over time you add more and more software your product relies on. What happens when you want to update the underlying operating system to a newer version?

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Creating build scripts

Build scripts are the thing developers hate to deal with. And this is natural for it requires a different focus than the main problem they are working over.

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